100/200/500pcs Disposable Alcohol Pads Disinfectant Wipes

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Name: Alcohol disinfection wet sheet
Ingredients: 70% or 75% medical alcohol
Media: non-woven, soft, comfortable, does not irritate the skin
Package: Single piece of ultra-thin paper and aluminum foil sealed package, moisturizing and long-lasting, easy to carry, easy to tear and use.
Size: 50 x 50mm, non-woven size: 60*30mm (single fold)
Shelf life: three years


It can be used for disinfecting skin, wounds and before injection; cleaning and disinfecting keyboards, cell phones, office supplies, personal effects, tableware, children's toys, etc.; disinfecting frequently touched objects, toilet seats, etc.; emergency disinfection of small wounds and ignition of fire during outdoor travel and camping.


Alcohol can kill staphylococcus, streptococcus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, enterobacteria and other bacterial multipliers, as well as tuberculosis bacillus. It also kills respiratory and enteric viruses (including hepatitis A virus), as well as ringworm, Aspergillus and yeast pathogenic fungi.
75% alcohol is effective against SARS coronavirus (avian influenza). As public health concerns increase, people are increasingly looking for more autonomous, credible and convenient ways to clean and disinfect, and alcohol tablets are selling well around the world. They are portable, scientifically formulated, packaged in environmentally friendly packaging, and have a long shelf life (three years), making them an excellent product for traveling at home and popular with people around the world.


1. Single product specification 60*30mm (single fold)
2. After wiping and disinfecting with this product, it will evaporate completely without residue in about 30 seconds.
3. Alcohol tablets can be disinfected and can be used as a fire starter for camping.
4. Easy to use and carry - the single piece is individually packaged, so you can use it to sterilize wounds and instruments by simply tearing open the package. So much more convenient than the traditional use of bottled alcohol, iodine plus cotton balls, cotton swabs, gauze and tweezers and a whole bunch of other stuff!
5. Widely used, long shelf life in special packaging (shelf life of three years), suitable for home use.


1. External use
2. Disposable single piece, please discard after use.
3. Avoid eye contact
4. Keep it out of reach of children.

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